DuGut™ Holding LDA has been founded by Stephanus Vermeulen in 2015. He is the CEO of DuGut™ and is an activist, futurist, as well as an Advertising and Entertainment Executive with over 30 years of experience.
Stephanus supports a myriad of social engagements through Advertising, Film and TV, as well as Social Games. He has worked in a professional capacity for many Global Brands and leading Film and TV Studios in Hollywood.
Stephanus was inspired to start DuGut™ Holding because he saw a way to create positive change using his experience, after he served as a Social Impact Advisor on President Obama’s Advisory Board*
Co-Founder Jacob Magalhaes joined the company in 2017. Jacob is an entrepreneur, with a technical background, who represents our main target group. Jacob is determined to leave a positive impact on society through his work.
the DuGut™ company is located in Porto, Los Angeles and Amsterdam.
*2010 Presidential Rank Review Board and Distinguished Counsel of the President Obama Administration.
DuGut Rocket.
Mission Statement:
DuGut™'s mission is to accelerate a globalised transition into a sustainable and kinder world.
Our Vision:
DuGut™ envisions a better world where we utilize consumer behavior and spending to solve issues such as climate change, poverty and inequality.
Our Strategy:
DuGut™ is going to reach its mission by accelerating the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) and stimulating consumers and the brands they use to do good with an easy to use DuGut™ App that drives positive change.
The DuGut™ App makes use of A.I. and Blockchain Technology to stimulate users to hold their favorite brands accountable for their actions, by micro-funding Social Organizations behind an SDG of their choice. Brands can engage with these conscious consumers through the DuGut™ App.
The DuGut™ App aims to become a staple of the growing demand of conscious consumption, and help us transition towards an ethical system of production consumption and responsibility for a better world.
Company Directors and Management:
Stephanus Vermeulen
Jacob Magalhaes
Stephen Cawdery
Technology / Programming
Tomás Ferreira
Ana Cristina Cabrita
Administration Portugal
Anouk Grace Callaghan
Connector / Coordinator
George P Foty
Board of Directors:
Stephanus Vermeulen
Jacob Magalhaes
Jorge Magalhaes
Board Executive
Bulent Candan
Board Executive
Christian Leeb
Board Executive
Advisory Board:
Jorge Magalhaes
General Business, Sustainability

Senior Vice-President, Global Engineering Design Centres
Advertising, Marketing and PR Agencies:
Bulent Candan
Brand Strategy

Serviceline Leader at Merkle Netherlands
Sean Angus

President and Co-Founder at The LaunchPad Agency, Silicon Beach/LA
Ricardo Rocha
Nuno Tavares
Government and Political Affairs:
Jim Freeman
Government and Political Affairs

Consultant at Freeman Public Affairs, USA
NGOs, Humanities and Social Affairs:
Kadu Titi
Developing Countries

One of the '51 Most Impactful Leaders in Water & Water Management, Africa'
Michael Lloyd White
Humanities and Social Affairs

CEO at World Kindness USA Washington D.C.
Corey Harnish
Humanities and Social Affairs

CEO Betterworld International, Fun Funding
Chris H. Leeb

CEO 42Angelitos, Silicon Valley USA
Ton Rosendaal

Partner CFO Network Netherlands
Hans Blankenburgh

Investment Manager Mos Vestis
Entertainment and Media:
Cesar Couto Ferreira

VP of Expansion and Transcendence & Co-Founder Fábrica do Futuro Brazil & Former Managing Director VICE Portugal, Head of Content MTV Portugal
Dutch Team:
Carlo van Pelt
Emiel Stappaerts
Ercan Bayrakdar
Ton Rosendaal
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